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  1. Great video! A couple of quick questions (as I’m a long-time water bath canner who is finally planning on doing pressure canning this year for the first time) – 1) you mentioned needing red meat for the stew… Is there an issue with using chicken or is that just not your recipe? I try to avoid red meat but one of my favorite foods in the winter is a Caribbean chicken stew with sweet potatoes that I’d love to be able to can, and 2) it appeared in the video that you tightened the jars a lot more than you would before doing a water bath can… Was that my imagination or do you need to make sure those Lids are on pretty tight compared to water bath? Thanks! Oh and PS, as soon as you stepped away from the camera I’m sure I’m not the only viewer to admit she’s just staring at your beautifully canned jars in the background – I swear that’s the hardest part of the end of the season when we’ve got more empty jars then full beautiful colorful jars of canned deliciousness at home, and I love seeing how other people organize their pantries 🙂

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